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OrderReg - Download

OrderReg is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).   Read the license for details, but it basically means that both the program and its source code are freely available.

Download the Binary
Download the Source Code

Download the Binary
The binary .prc file is all you need to get OrderReg running on your Palm OS® handheld.  Just download, unpack, and install like any other Palm OS
® application.

Binary Requirements
  • Palm OS® handheld with Palm OS® version 2.0 or later
OrderReg v. 0.9.0 Binary (.prc file)

Download the Source Code
The source code to OrderReg is freely available.  This allows you to customize OrderReg to suit your needs.  It's also a great way to learn about programming applications for the Palm OS
®.  Even better, the tools to develop this application are free and available for several popular development platforms! Visit the OrderReg site for Developers  on SourceForge for more information.

OrderReg v. 0.9.0 Source

Development Tools for OrderReg
PalmSource provides a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Palm OS® development based upon the popular and open-source Eclipse development platform. 
  • Palm OS Developer Suite - A full-featured IDE for Palm OS® programming.  Includes compiler, editor, documentation, Software Developer Kit (SDK) and more! Free registration is required for download.
  • Palm OS Simulator - Useful tools for debugging applications on Palm OS® Cobalt and Palm OS® Garnet under Microsoft Windows. Free registration is required for download.

Development Tools for Older Versions of OrderReg
Versions of OrderReg prior to 0.9.0 used an older set of tools for compilation.  These tools are available from the locations below
  • Prc-Tools - GCC-based cross-compiler tool chain for Palm OS® applications
  • PilRC - used to generate binary resources used in OrderReg
  • Palm OS® SDK - headers, libraries, and tools needed to support Palm OS® development.  The Core Palm OS SDK is required for compilation of OrderReg.  Free registration is required for download.
  • Cygwin (MS Windows only)- Unix-like development environment required for proper operation of above development tools under Microsoft Windows

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